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The Time Traveling Chimps will be a reveal-based NFT.


You will mint a time machine that you can then immediately stake for PlutoniumX ($PLTMX). Once you have enough $PLTMX to power your machine you will be able to travel back to save a chimp lost in the wrong timeline.


Phase 1 - Complete

3288 Time Machines have been Acquired

1007 Time Machine Mint Tokens will be sent to previous cheeky holders.

Mint your Time Machine - Get ready to travel through time!

Sell Out - 2288 Machines at 0.8 Sol

Non-LP Token - $PLTMX (Plutonium X)


Phase 2 - Complete

Staking Live Right after Mint of Time Machine


Time Machines listed to Secondary


Stake and Lock your time Machine to gather enough fuel to travel.

Phase 3 - Complete

Send your time machine on a mission to rescue your chimp


Time Machine will be burned upon arrival.


Once your chimp is rescued you will then be able to stake your chimp to earn $PLTMX

Phase 4 - in progress

Time Device Mint - Sold Out
Hold 2 Time Devices - Get 1 Random Trait Airdropped
Hold 4 Time Devices - Get 1 Random and 1 of Your choice.
Beta Launch of Gamification dropping in 2 weeks or less!
Beta Exclusive Traits
Themed Adventures lasting 3 Months
You will use $PLTMX to purchase a Time Machine
Use the Time Machine to Send Your Chimp on an Adventure.
Your Chimp will be staked for 3 days, After 3 Days your chimp will be unstaked and you will reveal your reward.

Each Adventure will come with a chance to find something on your travels, these items include new Traits, NFTS, Solana, Chimps or Nothing.
If you are lucky enough to recover a trait you will be able to use the trait and have it applied to a chimp of your choice. Once the trait is applied the Trait NFT will be burned.
Some Traits will be available for purchase from a market place for sol.

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