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Let’s talk about time. It is a funny thing. Seems like when you think you have it, you’ve lost it. In the case of the Time Traveling Chimps however, the story has just begun.

See these aren’t just any regular apes we’re talking about here. These guys have seen it all. Past, present and future. How? You say?…Well, their story has not yet ended, but began at an unknown point in time and space.


The location in the solar system of their creation is now unknown and any trace of their creators has long since vanished. They continue to wander.


2000 years after Earths destruction, the chimps found themselves inhabiting this wasteland.

They spent years foraging the western hemisphere. Rebuilding what was left behind in the destruction including vehicles, radio communications and materials amongst other things.


After several years of tirelessly searching they found themselves upon a silo. The silo was rooted 1000’s of feet deep into the ground and turned out to be one of several hundred just like it. The interiors of these silos were completely preserved as if nothing had every happened.


It appears the inhabitants of this land existed in their own years between 1955-2015 according to documents found in the search. Here they learned all about the civilization that existed before the destruction of the planet Earth through their belongings, games, films, clothing etc.

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